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Installing Zenkit

Zenkit v2 comes as an installable package that can be installed via the Joomla installer.

Installing Zenkit is the same process as installing any other Joomla extension.

Please note that all templates based on Zen Grid Framework v4 require that you include bootstrap2.


1. Navigate to the extension manager in your Joomal administrator.



2. Locate the Zenkit installable zip on your hard drive.



3. Click the upload button.



4. If the installation has been a success you should see a success message that looks something like this.



What files are being installed?

The installer installs the core Zenkit templates in the K2 template folder located here:


as well as a media folder which contains the core Zenkit assets such as font icons, css, js and less files. These assets can be located in the following folder:


Zenkit installs as a plugin

Once installed you will be able to see Zenkit listed in the extension manager as a plugin type.

In order to reserve the default K2 template files the plugin will rename the core K2 template files such as generic.php, user.php etc with a suffix of -backup.

If you ever need to uninstall the Zenkit package then these files are renamed back to their original file names.


Zenkit uses bootstrap

In order to use Zenkit it is required that your template load the basic bootstrap assets that ship with Joomla 3.

All of Joomlabamboo's Joomla templates that are based on T3 have bootstrap loaded, however if you are using a template that does not load bootstrap then you will need to load bootstrap files via a 3rd party plugin or include the default bootstrap files in your template manually.

We recommend the twitter bootstrap plugin created by PHP Roberto for use in Joomla 2.5 templates that do not use Bootstrap.

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